Jobs in London fall in relation to other European capital cities

The number of job opportunities in London has dropped by half, according to the job site Indeed.

The drop is higher than both the 42% UK average and the reduction in all of Europe’s other major capital cities.

While Madrid suffered close to the same fall as London with 46%, listed opportunities decreased by just 17% in Berlin.

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Pawal Adrjan, head of EMEA research at Indeed, said in a blog post: “The explosive growth of working from home in the capital cities appears to be playing a role in the hit to customer-facing jobs. 

“This shift is bad news for jobs at city-centre retailers, restaurants and entertainment establishments. The drop in city centre footfall associated with remote work translates into sharp falls in business.”

London also saw a higher percentage of jobs posted as remote work, when compared to the rest of the UK, with almost one in ten jobs advertised as work-from-home in the capital.

Adrjan added that a “coronavirus-related collapse of tourism and business travel” has depressed hiring in sectors that require more traditional working methods.

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