Employee mental health negatively impacted during Covid-19

Nearly four in 10 professionals have said their mental health and wellbeing has been impacted negatively during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to recruitment experts Hays.

Hays surveyed over 1,800 professionals ahead of World Mental Health Day, last weekend, and found some 37% of professionals reported negative impacts.

Sandra Henke, group head of people and culture at Hays, said: “It is concerning that 37% of professionals feel their mental health and wellbeing has been impacted negatively during this time. Just as concerning is that 42% of those affected have said they haven’t received any support from the employer.

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“The health and safety of all workers needs to be at the forefront for all employers and there is a duty of care to ensure their workforce receive the necessary support.”

While the local government guidelines are in place, employees are required to either work from home for an extended period, or work within a split workforce between the office and working remotely.

Henke continued: “Across the globe many people have had to deal with very different challenges during the pandemic, ranging from trying to juggle commitments outside of their work, to feeling isolated to even dealing with the death of a loved one.

Hays says four main ways of improving the wellbeing of employees are ‘staying in contact’, ‘looking out for the signs’, ‘make yourself available’ and ‘treat people as individuals.’

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