• Nov- 2020 -
    30 November

    Jobs in London fall in relation to other European capital cities

    The number of job opportunities in London has dropped by half, according to the job site Indeed. The drop is…

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  • 24 November

    Hunter Adams expands recruitment business

    HR consultancy, Hunter Adams, is extending its recruitment arm with the launch of Hunter Adams Recruitment. The operation will focus…

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  • Oct- 2020 -
    12 October

    Employee mental health negatively impacted during Covid-19

    Nearly four in 10 professionals have said their mental health and wellbeing has been impacted negatively during the Covid-19 pandemic,…

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  • Jul- 2020 -
    30 July

    New grants to be made available for small businesses

    Grants totalling £20m are to be made available to small businesses, the government announced today (July 30). Thousands of smaller…

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