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Youth and BAME jobs hit hardest by lockdown, study finds

Young and BAME employees have struggled to find work during Covid-19. 

A study published by the Resolution Foundation has found one-in-five young people, and over one-in-five BAME workers, who were furloughed during lockdown have lost their jobs.  

The study also revealed that just one-in-three young people who have lost their jobs have been able to find new work. 

Results show in September that 12% of these employment groups reported being paid less than they were in February, and that pay reductions were more common in hard-hit sectors such as hospitality and among younger employees. 

It is believed however that pay cuts have become more evenly distributed as the crisis has evolved. 

Kathleen Henehan, senior research and policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation, said: “The first eight months of the Covid crisis have been marked by an almighty economic shock and unprecedented support that has cushioned the impact in terms of people’s livelihoods. 

“But the true nature of Britain’s jobs crisis is starting to reveal itself. Around one-in-five young people, and over one-in-five BAME workers, have fallen straight from furloughing into unemployment.”

She added: “Worryingly, fewer than half of those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic have been able to find work since. This suggests that even if the public health crisis recedes in a few months’ time, Britain’s jobs crisis will be with us for far longer.”

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