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WFH is hurting jobs recovery, CFC reveals

Employees working from home are hindering the UK job recovery process, according to data from the Centres for Cities (CFC) 

CFC said the latest figures show vacancies are failing to return to pre-pandemic levels across all 63 UK towns and cities analysed. 

The report shows the UK job posting trends on the recruitment website Indeed, fell 46% from last year at the start of October and was down in all cities and large towns. 

Job postings in Aberdeen were a full 75% below last year’s trend, and seven more cities, including London, were still off more than 50%.

CFC said: “the rate of working from home plays a key role in the relationship between job postings and footfall. Covid has forced a decoupling of the office and the high street, causing the flow of customers for centrally located businesses to shrivel.

“With the reintroduction of working-from-home guidance and stricter social distancing measures, the prospect of a recovery in local services job postings seems distant, especially in larger cities.”  

It added: “While the changes to the Job Support Scheme introduced last week  will help prevent more people from losing their jobs, those who have already been made redundant will find it hard to find work.”

“Renewed lockdown restrictions are likely to slow creation of high street jobs further and that probably won’t change until large numbers of people return to city-center work sites. As the nation adjusts to new ways of working, it is possible that local services jobs will take longer to recover.”

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