Two thirds of UK workers want more support from employer

Almost two thirds (64%) of UK workers wanted more support from their employer ahead of the second national lockdown.

Some 33% of workers are worried about feelings of loneliness and isolation, with 15% looking for mental health and wellbeing support.

Just one in three (35%) workers plan to leave the house on a daily basis, while working, with only 14% planning to take a lunch break away from their computer.

Jon Wilson, CEO of Total Jobs, said: “It is alarming to see in today’s results that during this second lockdown, workers in the UK are feeling less inclined than before to take breaks away from their computers, enjoy a lunch break or even leave the house. 

“Taking time to move away from your workstation has many proven benefits and can allow workers to carry on with their day refreshed and reinvigorated and keep a physical activity if coupled with a walk outside for example.”

He added: “Keeping this routine is also necessary for workers’ wellbeing and mental health. Regrettably, loneliness continues to blight the wellbeing of many workers this year, especially during lockdown conditions.”

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