Six in 10 employers have increased wellbeing support to staff

According to GriD, its findings ‘clearly demonstrate’ that the health and wellbeing of staff has ‘come to the fore’ since the pandemic began

Over six in 10 (63%) employers have increased their support to staff across one or more areas of mental, financial, physical and social wellbeing in light of the ongoing pandemic, according to research amongst HR decision-makers undertaken on behalf of GRiD. 

Half (50%) of these businesses increased the communications around support available to staff , while 44% increased the time they made available to help staff directly. A further 38% extended support to reflect changes requested by employees, while 34% increased engagement and utilisation of support that was already available.

In addition, GriD found that 32% increased time to investigate resources to help staff, while the same percentage extended support to include employees’ families. 

In terms of providing extra support, 25% invested in new employee benefits, while 24% increased investment to fund support directly. 

According to GriD, the level of activity “clearly demonstrates” that the health and wellbeing of staff has “come to the fore” since the pandemic began. 

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD said: “It’s great to see that employers are stepping up to the plate: not only do the majority understand that they have a great responsibility for the wellbeing of staff but many are also implementing practical changes to make a tangible difference.  

“However, we urge the remaining businesses who have either not made any changes or who have decreased support to take stock. Employees have long memories and their loyalty can be quickly won or lost during times of adversity so all employers should be playing their part in supporting staff wellbeing.” 

GRiD also suggests that employers who are either investing in new employee benefits or funding support directly should investigate whether support is already available via their existing employee benefits and is perhaps being under-utilised.  

It added that it is important for employers to be aware that health and wellbeing benefits are enhanced and updated regularly, particularly during this pandemic, as providers recognise the very specific support that employees need right now. 

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