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Unused annual leave on the rise, says YouGov

A new study from YouGov has revealed that a quarter of workers have “much more” annual leave left than this time last year.

The survey of 2,000 workers revealed that workers who receive annual leave are given an average of 27 days each year to take, but have an average of 12 days remaining to use.

YouGov reported that workers are on average left with 44% of their annual leave to take before the end of the year, or they risk losing it.

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Overall two fifths (40%) of the surveyed respondents said this is more annual leave than they usually would have left this time of year.

An additional 23% said their remaining time off was “much more” than they would usually have.

This compares with 41% of respondents who said their remaining level is roughly the same as last year. A reported one in eleven (9%) workers said they had less to use than this time in 2019.

Many workplaces do not allow workers to roll all unspent annual leave over to the next calendar year, and with so many workers having days left over, YouGov claims December could “become an even quieter month than usual” this year.

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