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UK job vacancy numbers down 6%

The number of job vacancies across the UK has dropped by 6% for the week ended 6 September, according to statistics from job boards network, Broadbean Technology.

The group’s data also revealed that the number of applications per vacancy were up 20% year on year last month.

Despite this annual increase, month on month this figure dropped 31% between July and August. 

While this can be seen as encouraging, Broadbean technology said: ‘it is likely a seasonal lull in job hunting and it’s expected that September will see a sharp increase in applications as the job retention scheme nears its end’

Alex Fourlis, managing director at Broadbean Technology, said: ‘The summer months tend to see a drop in the number of people applying for a new job as holidays stall candidate applications.’

He added: ‘Our data suggests that despite the crisis that we’re experiencing, this trend has continued in 2020’.

‘However, with the furlough scheme winding down and employers contributing more to the salaries of furloughed staff, we’re predicting that an increase in job losses will soon create an uptick in the number of people applying for each vacancy.’

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