UK employees slow to return as 24 million look to avoid public transport

New research from Insolvency Support has unveiled that an average employee would take a £2,665 pay cut per year in order to continue working from home when the pandemic ends, equating to £222 per month.

It has already been noted that British office workers have returned to their desks at a much slower pace than staff in France, Germany, Italy or Spain, as they continue to work from home following the lockdown.

Only one-third (34%) of UK white-collar employees have gone back to work, coming way behind their European contemporaries, where almost three-quarters of staff (68%) have done so.

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This reticence to return to the office comes as new nationally representative research from Roadmender Asphalt, a Sheffield-based road repair SME, has unveiled that Brits are still deeply sceptical towards using public transport.

The research revealed that 69% of Brits would rather cycle to work now than take public transport due to the Covid-19 risk, amounting to 24,261,000 people. Furthermore, the study has unveiled that 65% would not feel comfortable commuting to work via public transport anymore.

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