Study shows 42% of workforce scared of making mistakes

A study commissioned by Feel Good Contacts revealed 42% of UK workers still “fear making mistakes”, and are uncomfortable seeing themselves on Zoom, as well as “hate making phone calls” whilst working from home.

The nationwide poll of 2,000 employees revealed some of the many concerns faced by UK workers.

The study conducted by OnePoll highlighted issues linked to work related communications such as difficulties with Zoom meetings with one in six UK employees still uncomfortable seeing and hearing themselves on a video call.

The poll reported a fifth of employees would rather send an email than talk on the phone.

Almost three out of ten respondents were “scared” about losing their job as the UK plunges into “economic recession”.

Nearly one fifth of the surveyed people said that in the current climate, they would “dread facing their boss” in a performance review and the “over one sixth” said that they would be “too afraid” to ask for a pay rise.

Acacia Johnson, HR advisor at Feel Good Contacts said: “With job losses on the increase, even the most productive workers do not feel immune.

“With this attitude, some people are working extra hard to deliver over and above what is expected of them to keep their job safe. Others are keeping their heads under the parapet; they don’t want to be noticed, voice their opinions and get the blame if anything goes wrong.”

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