Study reveals third of employees ‘too busy’ for annual leave

A third of employees are reportedly too busy to take time off, with 63% claiming they have “nowhere to go” amid Covid-19 restrictions.

E-days, an absent intelligence company, gathered data from 50,000 of their users and found that 37% of workers had more than 14 days of annual leave left to take before the end of the year.

Dr. Kate Bunyan, chief medical officer at Doctor Care Anywhere, said: “Providing workforces with wellbeing and mental health support has never been more important, and COVID-19 has unfortunately highlighted this.

“There is no denying that the pandemic has challenged organisations, but ensuring that employees are taking the time to rest, relax and recuperate while offering them online services during stressful times is so important as we move into winter.”

During International Stress Awareness Week, E-days warned of wellbeing and burnout issues in businesses with reports of a 32% rise in anxiety-related issues since March.

Steve Arnold, CEO of E-days said: “Work-life balance is key to employee wellbeing and helping to avoid any potential burnout. Providing services that support workforces during stressful periods will lead to a stronger, happier, and more positive workforce.

“With days growing shorter it is vital that organisations acknowledge the potential impact on employee wellbeing and encourage staff to take time out to prioritise their mental health.”

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