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Study reveals more young people want to work in childcare, healthcare, and education

A study conducted by GetMyFirstJob has revealed that the proportion of young people wishing to work in childcare, health and social care, or education and training has risen 64% from last year.

Over 25,000 school, college, and university leavers register with GetMyFirstJob every quarter, leaving a specification of which sector they want to work in.

Compared to September 2019, childcare has risen from the fourth to the second most desirable sector for new workers. 

Elsewhere, health and social care has moved from tenth to fourth, while education and training has jumped from seventh to sixth.

Julie Hyde, executive director for education and training at NCFE, said: “These findings provide a good deal of optimism for the long-term of these sectors, which are so vital for our economy and society. 

“We cannot underestimate, however, the impact so far of the recruitment challenges faced by the childcare and health and social care sectors, struggling with a critical shortfall in qualified staff and a historical drop in the number of young people and apprentices being recruited to fill the gap.”

David Allison, CEO at GetMyFirstJob and TheTalentPeople, added that “it’s reassuring to see” the figures as “there is more need than ever” for young people to join these sectors.

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