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Some 77% of disabled employees desire freedom to ‘act themselves’

Almost four fifths (77%) of workers with disabilities desire the freedom to be the same person at work as they are at home, according to the global professional services company, Accenture.

A survey of over 30,000 workers, of which 5,870 had a disability, conducted by the firm has reported that a further 71% of those want to see people with disabilities in senior leadership positions.

The research backs evidence from YouGov that shows the inclusion of those with disabilities in the workplace to be greatly unequal.

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While 15% of the world’s population comprises people with disabilities, in 2019 only 53.2% of the UK’s disabled population was in employment despite over one million of those unemployed being able and willing to work.

David Sawyer, UK enablement lead at Accenture, said: “Organisations are under-utilising a large segment of the workforce due to an inability to make the workplace accessible to employees with disabilities.

“Now, more than ever, companies need to build stronger mandates for a more impactful culture of equality with shared success.”

Moving forward, the report has called for a rise in “clear role models”, employee resource groups, flexible working options, among other support structures to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

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