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Pizza Hut to create jobs through project vespa

Pizza Hut is expanding its delivery operations with 125 new sites across the UK, therefore creating numerous job opportunities.

Some 2,500 staff will be hired to project vespa, as the company aims to capitalise on the increase in online spending, especially in areas such as the North East and South West of England.

It comes as demand for delivery in 2020 has grown exponentially, with the firm receiving over half a million more online orders than for the same period last year.

Neil Manhas, general manager at Pizza Hut UK, said: “Pizza Hut Delivery was designated an essential service during lockdown and continued to operate, successfully feeding the nation during these difficult times.

“We have always played a part in our local communities and we’re delighted to build on this as the demand for delivery services only increases.”

Pizza Hut announced roughly 450 job cuts earlier this year as 29 of its sites closed due to a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA).

HR Wire has contacted Pizza Hut for further comments.

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