New research shows 52% of workers consider rural migration

Over half (52%) of UK workers have considered moving away from big cities like London and Manchester for more regional areas as a result of Covid-19, according to the latest research from the Adecco Group.

The HR solutions company commissioned an online study by YouGov of 1,000 UK workers between 24 – 28 September 2020 which highlighted the “radical transformation” of both working norms and locations.

The study revealed that the country’s “top talent” were actively trying to get redistributed across the country.

The survey showed 57% of workers believed they no longer felt the need to live within commuting distance of top city firms.

The same can be said for other parts of the UK, with 42% of those in Wales and 46% of those in Scotland agreeing there was a migration away from the big cities as a result of the pandemic.

The study found 61% of those who work in finance and accounting predict there “will be movement of professions” to regional areas, along with 67% of people who work in education, 75% of those who work in real estate and 62% of those in media, marketing and advertising.

However, only 43% of those who work in manufacturing and 42% of those currently working in retail said people would migrate back for regional living as they favoured working remotely.

Alex Fleming, country head and president of the Adecco Group said: “To ensure companies retain and attract top talent, they need to adapt their office environments, regardless of where they are based, to reflect the new age of hybrid working.

“This means creating offices that are compelling places for employees to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and a hub for establishing and maintaining a strong company culture.”

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