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Local lockdowns deliver slow recovery for job market

Research from Centre for Cities has revealed that out of 62 cities analysed, none of them are operating at their pre-lockdown job postings level.

The report from think tank Centre for Cities and job site Indeed has shown a correlation between the “recovery of the labour market” and the number of people utilising local services.

However, all cities and towns saw a decrease in job postings at the start of October when a new wave of “tier” restrictions were announced by the government.

The think tank has associated areas in the UK that have “low footfall and a higher rate of people working from home” with having the slowest job market recovery.

Pawel Adrjan, a UK economist at Indeed, said: “With the remote work trend showing no sign of abating, and entire regions being placed under stricter control, service jobs in large towns and cities could become scarcer still and pull the UK into a jobs spiral.”

In addition, the report showed cities like Aberdeen saw the largest gap between job postings now in comparison to this time last year, with a 75% fall.

Other places that saw a decline included Edinburgh (57%), London (52%), Reading (52%), Luton (50%) and York (49%).

The report found that lockdown restrictions were likely to “slow the creation” of high street jobs and that it will remain slow until large numbers of people return to city-centre work sites.

Andrew Carter, CEO for Centre for Cities, said: “The Government has told us to expect a tough winter and while local lockdowns are necessary to protect lives, it is vital that ministers continue to listen and reassess the level of support given to help people and places to cope with the months ahead.”


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