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Zurich offers ‘flexible’ working opportunities for employees

Zurich UK is giving employees the opportunity to select a new ‘fully flexible persona’ which will enable them to change the location of their working week.

It comes after the business carried out a ‘lockdown learnings’ study across its 4,500 strong UK workforce to find out what they really want when they return to work.

The study revealed two out of three employees (59%) would like to work from home for more than half of the week when we move back to the pre-Covid world of the office – of these a third only want to come into the office one day a week.

The insurer said that pre-lock down, three out of four employees already “enjoyed” some form of flexible working, a culture early adopter Zurich has had in place in various forms for the past decade. The majority (35%) worked from home one to two days a week.

Steve Collinson, HR director at Zurich UK, said: “While there’s no silver bullet for how and where people work, we know they want the flexibility to work the hours that suit. But we’ve found the location is also a huge factor.

“Our research has shown us that not everyone wants to work from home five days a week forever. In effect, they want the best of all worlds which is perfectly fine.”

“As an early adopter of flexible working, we’re in a very different space to the majority of businesses. Our lockdown transition was seamless, so allowing people further freedom to revisit where they want to work is a natural next step in our journey.”

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