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Remote working roles advertised trebles in 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has pushed junior roles into remote working positions

The number of remote working roles advertised across the UK has trebled from 26,600 to 80,700 over the past year, according to research conducted by New Street Consulting Group.

While it is usual for highly-paid leadership roles to offer flexible working solutions, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has instead pushed junior roles into remote working positions.

The data, which was compiled by the labour market data analyst EMSI, found that 70% of positions advertised as being remote offered earnings of under £50,000 per year.

Contrastingly, those roles offering over £100,000 per year comprised only 3% of remote advertised jobs.

Natalie Douglass, director of talent strategy consulting at New Street Consulting, said: “This rise in the number of remote roles is a sign that a major change is underway in how Britain works, as some businesses experiment with cutting office space to reduce overheads and allow some staff the option to work from home longer term.

“Most businesses take the view that staff and tasks are better off in an office environment where close team working, collaboration and mentoring can more easily take place, however we are certainly going to see a more hybrid workforce with working from home an option for at least some of their staff.”

However, Douglass also acknowledged that working from home is a worse alternative for many staff members who have “missed interacting with their colleagues” and cannot easily work from their individual spaces. 

Therefore, employers will need to “look at the issues closely” if they are to effectively attend to the needs of their employees.

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