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Mass ‘flexclusion’ from job market possible, Timewise warns

A leading job consultancy group is warning of mass ‘flexclusion’ from the job market during the post-Covid economic recovery.

According to Timewise’s latest report, groups that need home working or part-time hours the most will be at risk of being excluded from any future jobs recovery.

Said groups primarily include women, carers, older workers, those with health concerns and low paid workers.

Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, said: “Flexible working is vital to an economic recovery which leaves nobody behind.

“It’s great for businesses too, giving employers potential to build a more engaged and diverse workforce, which is essential for long-term success. As this research shows, building flexibility into jobs plans still has a way to go.”

He added: “That’s exactly what the UK’s professional recruiters are here to help with.”

Danny Harmer, chief people officer at Aviva, said: “The way many organisations have responded to Covid-19 has bust some of the myths that existed around home working and proved that many types of work can be done from any location.

“Organisations need to think about what achieves the best outcome for employees, customers and the business.”

He added: “Allowing people to work flexibly in terms of where, how and when they work, and articulating this in job adverts, helps organisations attract a wider range of talent. Flexible working can have a positive effect on wellbeing too, which is good for everyone.”

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