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59% of Brits willing to retrain in new line of work after pandemic

Some 59% of Brits have said they’re willing to reskill and retrain in a new line of work following the coronavirus pandemic, as a lack of jobs forces people to consider searching in different sectors.

According to CV-Library, this is because people want to make themselves “more employable” (51.8%).

Following this, 32.4% say it’s because they can’t find a job and 32% and because they want better job security. A further 30.3% say they want to do a more meaningful job; 29.1% want a role with a higher salary; and 18.5% say they simply want to change industries.

When looking at the data by industry, the findings reveal that professionals in the charity (92.9%) sector were most likely to want to reskill in a new line of work, followed by professionals in customer service (80.6%), leisure/tourism (75%), hospitality (73.9%) and manufacturing (69.4%).

CV-Library said: “The job market is going to be impacted by the pandemic for a long time, especially as we are now officially in a recession.

“Going forward, employers will need to be more open to hiring people from different sectors and professionals must be more open to opportunities outside of their traditional remit.”

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