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Job adverts peak to over a million in December

Job adverts in the UK have reached its highest level at 1.4 million in the first week of December, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Between 30 November and 6 December, almost every nation and region of the UK saw a rise in job adverts, led by South-west England which saw a 2.6% increase. North-west England was reportedly the only region where active job adverts fell to 2.7%.

The REC noted that there was a sharp increase in adverts for vets, medical professionals and fitness instructors.

The REC claims may be due to the impact of Brexit on the profession, with a high proportion of vets in the UK coming from the EU, and potential changes in food safety and animal welfare standards

Meanwhile, there was a fall in adverts for tax experts (19.9%) as well as skilled trades like welders (6.6%), glaziers (6.5%) and roofers (5.7%), as demand for their services dropped over Christmas and New Year.

There was also a decline in active postings for warehousing roles (6.4%), which the group said was likely to reflect “normalisation” after a spike of hiring in previous months as firms prepared for the festive period.

Neil Carberry, chief executive of the REC, said: “After a very difficult year, we have seen the jobs market recovering over the past few months, and I am optimistic that this will continue in 2021.

“Employers will always want to create new jobs where they can, and as the vaccine rollout continues and health restrictions ease, we should start to see that happening more. The recovery of city economies should also accelerate.”

He added: “However, we should be under no illusions that jobseekers and businesses will need help from the government to adapt to the changed economy. That means working closely with recruiters, the country’s job experts, to get more people back into work, as well as incentivising job creation through tax policy and more effective skills training.”


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