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IRIS Software Groups snaps up Staffology

The two firms believe integrated cloud systems are ‘crucial’ for businesses looking to recover and thrive throughout 2021

IRIS Software Group (IRIS), a software solutions and services provider, has announced the acquisition of the cloud payroll application, Staffology.

Staffology was founded in 2018, and uses an open application programming interface (API) to streamline payroll processes and integrate with other applications.

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Through the transaction, IRIS will be able to utilise the platform, complementing the firm’s goal to “revolutionise cloud-based payroll” systems.

Kevin Dady, executive chairman at the group, said: “Businesses are demanding critical operational software that’s suitable for remote working, that can be quickly updated when regulations change, and take advantage of greater flexibility and agility as payroll demands fluctuate. 

“With the accelerated need for digital technologies, the Staffology application is perfectly placed for small to mid-sized businesses that need to access payroll in the cloud.”

IRIS and Staffology reportedly share the vision that the ability to integrate and manage cloud applications is “crucial” if businesses are to recover and thrive throughout 2021.

Duane Jackson, founder and CEO at Staffology, said: “IRIS shares my vision for the evolution of payroll. 

“SaaS-based integration and productivity are going to be crucial for every business in the coming year; the combination of IRIS’s substantial expertise and Staffology’s innovative approach to payroll means customers can benefit from best-in-class solutions.”

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