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Halfords to invest £1.4m in employee job training

British retailer Halfords is set to invest £1.4m in training for over 6,000 store colleagues, after announcing a £56m profit before tax for the first half of this year.

The scheme will focus on motoring and cycling services as the firm intends to grow its employee skills from 17,000 to 40,000 skills.

Halfords aims to cut the electric skills gap in the UK by “training 100 more electric car technicians” and “growing the number of e-bike and e-scooter services” by 1,400.

Graham Stapleton, CEO at Halfords, said: “We are also making a substantial investment in further training for existing colleagues, including in the rapidly growing area of electric vehicle servicing as we work to fill the skills gap that exists in the UK. 

“We will be training 100 more electric car technicians next year, bringing the total to 470. In addition, we will be growing the number of e-bike and e-scooter servicers in our stores from 400 to over 1,800.”

The plans were released alongside the firm’s interim results. Revenue growth of 9.6% has pushed the company to meet the “growing demand” of its customer-base through employee upskilling.

Stapleton added: “As a sign of our confidence in the long-term prospects of our motoring business, and in order to meet the growing demand for our services in this area, we are in the process of recruiting to fill a wide range of service-oriented roles across our stores.”

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