Half of UK financial services workforce want remote working post-Covid

Half of the UK’s financial services workforce want to continue working from home for at least part of the week, according to a new report by KPMG and the Financial Services Skills Commission.

Some 78% of financial services workers surveyed saying they’ve been able to work effectively from home during this period.

Over a quarter (26%) of respondents believe this new way of working has been so successful that they are keen to work from home full time.

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The report revealed financial services workers aged between 31-45 were the most driven to work more flexibly (53%), while workers under 30 were the keenest to work from home permanently (28%).

Claire Tunley, CEO at the Financial Services Skills Commission, said: “The last few months has brought the skills challenges facing the UK financial services sector into greater focus.

“As we have experienced a huge leap forwards in digitisation and remote working, the need to upskill our employees in digital and technological expertise is more important than ever.”

She added: “Increased investment in our employees’ future skills, alongside a sophisticated remote and flexible working offer, will help the UK financial services firms address the skills crisis the sector has been facing, attract talent, and position it for a successful future.”

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