Government public sector pay rise ‘does nothing for vast majority’

The UK Government’s new pay announcement covers just 900,000 of 4.4 million public sector workers in England, the GMB Union has said.

The union said the announcement will affect just 20% of public sector workers in England. John Phillips, GMB acting general secretary stressed that the announcement “does nothing for the vast majority of public sector workers”.

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Phillips said: “Low-paid support staff will not see their wages rise, and NHS workers remain stuck on a pay settlement that has meant real-terms cuts for long-serving staff.

“These recommendations will affect just 20% of England’s 4.4 million public sector workers.”

He added: “If the Government was serious about recognising the sacrifices made by public sector workers then they’d ensure desperately needed pay rises for all groups.

“Many of our NHS staff, teaching assistants, local authority workers, care workers and civil servants are struggling to pay the bills after a decade of real terms pay cuts. Words are hollow without actions.”

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