GMB in urgent talks with Tata Steel over job losses

GMB, the steel workers’ union, is holding urgent talks with Tata Steel over job loss fears.

Reports during the weekend suggested the Indian company plans to shut two blast furnaces and replace them with electric arc furnaces – which could lead to thousands of job losses in the UK.

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GMB said it will fight to protect its members’ jobs in Port Talbot and “ensure the prosperity they – and the wider supply chain – bring to the town remains”.

Ross Murdoch, GMB National Officer, said: “We spoke to Tata Steel senior management over the weekend to discuss these reports. The company will be arranging a meeting of the UK Steel Committee as soon as possible.

“At this meeting GMB and sister steel unions will be seeking a response and clarification from the company.”

He added: “Through our regular meetings with BEIS, GMB has become aware some steel companies have sought Government support as they navigate their way through the covid-19 pandemic.

“GMB has joined the call on Ministers to provide stimulus to safeguard the industry and drive the next phase of recovery and growth – but any support must secure jobs of our members in the steel industry.”

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