Gender-fluid and non-binary workers now protected under Equality Act

A gender-fluid engineer, who faced abuse from colleagues at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has won a landmark discrimination case for gender-fluid and non-binary workers.

Rose Taylor, who changed the way they presented back in 2017, won her claim for harrassment, discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal against the car manufactuer earlier this week (16 September).

JLR claimed Taylor did not fall within the definition of gender reassignment under Section 7 of the Equality Act as they identified gender-fluid, however the tribunal found JLR’s argument to be “totally without merit”.

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However, Taylor’s lawyer Robin Moira White argued that the government had referred to gender as a spectrum during parliamentary debates, allowing room for interpretation.

White, who has transitioned from male to female, said: “This is an important judgment, albeit at first instance, recognising for the first time the rights of a small number of individuals with complex gender identities.

“Once again the courts have shown themselves willing to stand up for the rights of individuals in a manner which demands respect and admiration. I pay tribute to my brave client.”

She added: “I see no reason why this ruling should not extend to other complex gender identities such as a-gender and genderqueer.”

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