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FTSE 100 directoral diversity on the rise

Directors within FTSE 100 boards are becoming increasingly diverse, according to research conducted by the consulting and talent solutions provider, New Street Consulting Group (NSCG).

The study found that women now represent 43% of board directors under the age of 50, claiming that a gender balance of 50-50 should be “achievable in the next few years”.

While the overall number of female directors is further away from a direct split, currently one in three FTSE 100 directors are women, the proportion has risen by 13% in the last decade.

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Also reported in the research was the growing number of representatives from lower educational backgrounds in FTSE 100 boardrooms. 

The research found that 79% of board directors now come from educational institutions outside of the Times higher education’s global top 30 ranked universities.

While the study shows “substantial progress” in this area, the report states that businesses are pushing for further diversification by analysing a “wider range of criteria” when recruiting at board level.

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