Employers should offer greater support for Long Covid

Employers looking to decrease the impact of Long Covid, a prolonged set of symptoms of the disease that last over a month, should ensure that they offer health and wellbeing programmes that include personal support to staff, according to RedArc.

The nurses group has claimed that employers need to offer a range of different support interventions to their employees who suffer from the symptoms.

These include; respiratory physiotherapy, occupational therapy, complementary therapy, talking therapies, and physiotherapy.

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Christine Husbands, managing director at RedArc, said: “This is clearly an emerging situation and one which is likely to be challenging for employers, in terms of providing support for those with this new relatively unknown condition and its long-term implications. 

“Offering practical help and emotional support for those diagnosed with the condition will help ensure that staff receive the most appropriate course of treatment, helping to steer them back on the path to recovery.”

With 60,000 people reportedly suffering from Long Covid, and the number set to inevitably rise, it also said the demand for support from employers “cannot be underestimated”. 

Husbands added: “Employers should speak to their insurer, employee benefits consultant or adviser so get a better understanding of what, if any, support is already included within their current employee benefits packages.”

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