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Employees ‘unaware’ of staff benefits, study shows

Only 57% of employers believe their employees understand company benefits.

A new study published by GriD, the industry body for group risk shows only 28% of employers believe their workforce is aware of all their benefits, while 10% of employers believe their staff  is only aware of some of the support the business offers. 

The research also looked at the frequency and methods of communication between employers when discussing benefits and found only 38% of employers communicate details of their benefits when there’s a change to the terms and conditions of a particular benefit, while 29% only communicate benefits at the recruitment stage. 

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A further 8% fail to communicate their benefits to their employees completely. 

In the report Grid said “the most effective communication strategies are those that are regular, employee benefits don’t always resonate with employees if they don’t seem relevant at a particular point in time.” 

The study also found that the most popular method for communicating benefits is in a staff welcome pack, while posting details to home addresses was the least popular. 

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, said: “A huge amount of resource, time, energy and money is invested in compiling employee benefits packages. This is maximised when a workforce is aware of the benefits and understands them.”

Moxham added: “We see people at some of the most vulnerable stages in their life in our industry at times of ill-health, disability and bereavement. Circumstances that by their nature are often unforeseen. This is exactly why benefits that support such situations need to be communicated regularly, so they are front of mind when they are needed.”

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