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Third of employers don’t offer financial support for long-term illness

Around a third (32%) of employers do not offer financial support to their employees if they are suffering from a long-term illness, according to findings from a Group Risk Development (GRiD) survey revealing how organisations are supporting staff.

Some 24% of employees are not familiar with what financial support they are entitled to under such circumstances.

Around 15% of employers reported that they fund financial support themselves rather than via an insurance policy such as a group income protection policy, the study of 500 HR decision makers and 1,165 employees also found.

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Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD said: “It may seem counterintuitive but employees who are offered financial support at difficult times in their lives feel more valued and are therefore likely to return to work more quickly when they are able.

“Removing an employee’s source of income is by no means a motivator to get them back at their desk, and nor should any employer be advocating presenteeism where employees return to work before they are truly ready.”

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