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Employee benefits are just as important as salary, research finds

The new research was undertaken in January 2020 by Opinium on behalf of GRiD with the cooperation of 500 HR decision makers and 1,165 UK employees

Employee benefits are seen to be just as important as salary and are often seen as afterthought by employers and only communicated once an offer has been accepted, according to research conducted by GRiD.

The new research was undertaken in January 2020 by Opinium on behalf of GRiD with the cooperation of 500 HR decision makers and 1,165 UK employees.

The data revealed that only 22% of organisations promote employee benefits prior to recruitment i.e. in job advertisements, and only a quarter (25%) include any mention of employee benefits before day one of employment.

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Additionally, 29% of respondents said they think that benefits are as important as salary in helping to recruit and retain employees with 33% believing that potential staff are as interested in the wider benefits as they are in the salary.

A further 38% of respondent employers said they communicate the employee benefits in a welcome pack, which is an increase from 31% in 2019. However, a new legislation was introduced in April 2020 which required employers to inform new employees about their employment and benefits on day one or on request for existing employees.

It also requires all organisations to meet this obligation, so communicating them as part of the recruitment process is a natural progression.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, said: “It is completely nonsensical that most employers fail to promote their employee benefits as part of the recruitment process.

“Benefits already in place within the organisation will be utilised by existing staff, and ostensibly communicated to new recruits should they sign on the dotted line, so it really is a missed opportunity not to make the most of them to attract the best possible talent.”

She added: “2020 has undoubtedly taught us to value our health and so there needs to be a greater awareness amongst employers about what their next recruits will be looking for in a new role. Financial security will always be important but it’s likely we’ll see that being balanced against other factors, such as whether a potential employer looks after the wider health and wellbeing of staff.

“Whether recruiting for entry-level positions or headhunting for senior management, employers need to respond to the post-pandemic situation and ensure that their benefits package is at the heart of any recruitment strategy, as support for health and wellbeing is only going to become more important to employees.”

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