Employee anxiety surges across the UK, study finds

The number of UK employees experiencing anxiety has soared over the last year, according to the latest research from employee engagement experts, Inpulse. 

According to the group, its latest survey of 34,411 employees found that anxiety was the most prevalent negative emotion felt in the workplace, and soaring by 240% against the year prior. 

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The percentage of the total workforce experiencing anxiety has now risen from 5% to 17%, while 11% reported feeling stressed, and 7% reported feelings of isolation. 

Matt Stephens, CEO and founder of Inpulse, said: “Extreme negative emotions are being driven by fears of job security (24%) and high workload (16%) and it simply is not sustainable for individuals to feel this for long periods of time.

“With so many people working from home, it has been harder to separate work life and personal life – for many of us the two have become intertwined. Therefore, as employers we need to go beyond only caring for employees’ ‘work self’ and start to care for the whole being.”

He added: “To us, the future isn’t about helping humans thrive as a resource, it’s helping them thrive as human beings. Emotions of anxiety, stress and isolation will all be building to impact overall mental health. 

“The mix could be causing irreparable damage not only to individuals’ own emotional health, but also to the employer relationship.”

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