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Diversity and inclusion strategies discussed but not implemented

A vast gap between discussions of diversity strategies and the implementation of these initiatives in the food and consumer goods industry has been highlighted in research conducted by IGD, a research and training charity within the sector.

While 80% of companies reportedly include diversity and inclusion in senior leadership discussions, only half of those surveyed have an actual strategy in place.

The report highlighted that roughly 30% of companies struggle to implement discussions into actions, with a focus on Covid-19 and difficulties achieving leadership buy-in providing the largest stumbling blocks.

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Susan Barratt, CEO at IGD, said: “Despite what has been a very turbulent year, there is vast evidence to suggest that an inclusive and diverse organisation will help organisations prosper in the future.  

“Our insight gained from our conversations with senior leaders reveal that many recognise that consumers, employees, investors and trading partners are increasingly expecting them to demonstrate strong I&D (inclusion and diversity) values and plans that align with this.”

Despite the importance of implementing diversity strategies being recognised at senior leadership level, 50% of companies stated that a lack of accurate data and relatable role models has caused a lack of progress regarding ethnic diversity. 

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