Covid will harm UK’s young professionals most, study finds

Decreased face to face interaction due to Covid-19, has harmed the career prospects of Britain’s young professionals. 

According to a study published by CEMS ,the global alliance in management education,72% of recruits in their early to mid-twenties believe that “not being able to physically network with colleagues will negatively affect their long-term careers.”

Out of the 310 survey respondents, two-thirds believe that the lack of opportunities for face-to-face training and tighter training budgets will “significantly impact” their progression.

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The study also reported that despite the increased competition for jobs globally, 50% respondents considered the size of the job market a “less significant threat”, it follows results published by the Office for National Statistics which reveal unemployment rates in Britain reached 75.6% in the previous quarter. 

Roland Siegers, executive director of CEMS, said: “While graduates recognise that the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated a pre-existing trend toward automation, digitisation and flexible working, they are concerned about the impact decreasing face-to-face interactions and opportunities for ‘in-person’ development will have on their careers. 

“These young professionals recognise that social interaction and collaboration is not only a fundamental human need, but also a valuable source of innovation, productivity and growth during times of crisis.”

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