Covid-19 has had massive impact on employee wellbeing, research finds

Covid-19 has had “massive” impact on employee wellbeing, according to new research. 

 Dr. Argyro Avogoustaki, from ESCP Business School, has said that ‘Covid-19 has affected the mental health of employees.

The news comes as more employees around the UK are being asked to return to the office, a prospect which is leaving many workers with increased levels of anxiety. 

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Avgoustaki said: “If an employee expresses feelings of stress, depression or anxiety, there must be a number of mechanisms in place to address these issues. Ultimately though, companies need to understand and listen to their employees more.”

He added: “The times when employers could rely on a one-size-fits all approach are ending, with employees progressively requiring and employers offering more customised arrangements’

“We live in an unprecedented time and no one is certain as to what the future holds. What is certain though is that employees will need much greater support from their employers as they continue to work in unstable or uncomfortable environments, and we slowly return to some form of ‘new normal’.”

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