Most young people want home working post-Covid

The majority of young people in the UK want permanent flexible home-working after the pandemic, according to Deloitte’s ‘Consumer Tracker’.

In the survey of 3,000 UK consumers, twice as many under-35s would like to work from home more frequently, compared to over-55s.

Some 24% of under-35s would consider moving elsewhere in the UK if their job became a remote-working role.

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The figures revealed a generational divide as one in four workers aged over 55 years old said they do not want to work from home after the pandemic.

Shivani Maitra, consulting partner at Deloitte, said: “The overnight switch from office to home introduced brand new ways of working for many. Six months on, while some employees have struggled with the transition, the majority have enjoyed a better work life balance. 

“For employees of all ages, the office will still be a place to collaborate with clients and colleagues, and benefit from the creative thinking and camaraderie this allows. However, in future it may be the norm for people to spend the majority of the week working from home.”

She added: “The disparity between older and younger generations of the workforce returning to the office is likely to be a reflection of the preferred working arrangements of different age groups, particularly younger workers’ receptiveness to change.”


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