Majority of UK healthcare workers expect industry to change post-Covid

New research has revealed that the majority of healthcare workers in the UK expect their industry to “fundamentally change” following the pandemic, according to Qualtrics’ new ‘Return to Work’ study.

Some 58% of the 2,000 full-time workers surveyed said Covid-19 has changed their industry, with half (51%) believing the industry as a whole will be forced to focus more on innovation and 39% predicting a shift to telehealth services in the near future. 

The study also found that just less than half (46%) see the pandemic creating increased employee engagement among healthcare workers.

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Sally Winston, head of EX Solution Strategy EMEA at Qualtrics, said: “While numerous businesses have been affected by the current pandemic, the long term impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare profession is yet to be seen.  

 “Surprisingly, those working in this field are largely positive about what the future might hold, anticipating an increased focus on technology and improvements in employee engagement.”

She added: “However, positive or negative, those working in healthcare will have numerous concerns, sentiments and opinions about what the future of the industry looks like.  

“Creating an understanding of the varied opinions across the workforce is key to creating the best work experience for everyone and to ensure that, looking to the future, the healthcare industry fundamentally changes for the better.”

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