A third of workers miss commuting, study finds

Only one in six (17%) said that they now viewed commuting, business travel and physical meetings as ‘completely outdated’

A third of workers have said they miss commuting into the office, according to research from recruiter Randstad UK.

The HR services company asked workers, having worked remotely for almost a year due to the pandemic, how they viewed commuting and physical meetings in retrospect.

It found that only one in six (17%) said that they now viewed commuting, business travel and physical meetings as “completely outdated”. Almost half (49%) said the pandemic had not changed their view of commuting or travelling to physical meetings – while more than a third (34%t) reported missing them.

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The employees that Randstad polled reported a slight dip in their mental health although the ultimate effect is not entirely clear. The firm found that 25% said their mental wellbeing had improved while working from home and 27% saying it had deteriorated. Almost half (48%) said it was unchanged.

Victoria Short, CEO of Randstad UK, said: “We were expecting almost everyone to say that they already looked back upon commuting and the endless slew of physical meetings – in the same way most people view the practice of dressing for dinner in the 19th Century. But almost twice as many people miss business travel than think it looks outdated.

“The chance to decompress on the drive home, reading a book on the train or watching Netflix while having a couple of train beers – or the chance to get away from the nightmare of home-schooling and have some free biscuits – is clearly valued more highly than the time people win back by working from home or the benefits or choosing when you work.”

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