Construction company launches mental health wellbeing campaign

Graham has launched a mental health wellbeing initiative that will support employees across the construction, engineering and administrative workforce.

The construction company currently consists of 2200 workers and 4300 supply chain workers across the UK and Ireland all of which are said to benefit from this new campaign.

The campaign will be supported by the new online wellbeing Hub, acting as a reference point for employees in need support and guidance.

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The Hub reportedly will offer up a host of information on mental health and wellbeing resources including access to counselling and support programmes.

Graham said it will also be providing training to over 80 additional staff members to take up the role as mental health first aiders across the business.

The campaign aims to offer guidance and support to staff and supply chain workers during the current economic hardship.

Michael Smyth, HR director, said: “Construction has always been considered a macho industry where employees haven’t previously felt comfortable speaking up if they are suffering with their mental health.

“We feel it is our duty as an employer to act as a figurehead and lead the way when it comes to addressing sensitive issues. That’s exactly what we have chosen to do by pioneering a programme and environment that removes the stigma around mental health issues and replaces it with solutions and support.”

Smith added: “We recognise now, more than ever, that we are living in a very uncertain world, and recognise that our staff balance their working life with a wide range of external issues that may prevent them from feeling their best and we want them to know we are here for them.”

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