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CIPD relaunches programme to tackle youth unemployment

The CIPD has relaunched its steps ahead mentoring programme, which was previously targeted at parents on a career break, to help young people find work during Covid-19. 

The programme which first started in 2012 has rebranded itself and now aims to help people aged between 16-24 find work by matching them with a CIPD member, who will act as a mentor and give practical advice on CVs, applications, interviews and job searching. 

In addition mentors will also work with mentees to improve their confidence, build professional networks, review their career goals and identify potential sectors to work in. 

It follows figures published by the ONS which show 480,000 people have dropped off-payroll since January 2019, with 16 to 24-year-olds accounting for 60% of this fall. 

What’s more, a study published by the Resolution Foundation also found one-in-five young people who were furloughed during the UKs first lockdown in March lost their jobs.  

Jemeela Quraishi, social impact and innovation lead at the CIPD, said:  “A programme like Steps Ahead Mentoring is needed now more than ever and we are delighted to be relaunching it. 

“With research showing that youth unemployment can have a long-term impact on mental health, earnings and career progression, we’re pleased to direct the focus of Steps Ahead where it’s needed most.”

She added: “Not only have we had fantastic feedback from former mentees who’ve benefited from the programme, but we know our mentors get so much out if it as well – be it developing their own coaching skills or helping to change someone’s life. 

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our members who’ve signed up to be mentors so far and would really encourage others to do the same if they can.”

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