CIPD membership grows by 2,000 over past year

The CIPD closed its financial year on 30 June 2020 having gained 2,000 new memberships, and saw “all-round improvements” in member satisfaction.

The human resources trade association said supporting members in their work and careers is “at the heart” of what it does.

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It said that in a year when people professionals have faced an array of challenges, not least a global pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, it has been “more responsive than ever” to members’ needs and the changing context.

CIPD added that by being there for members, it creates the opportunity to nurture an ever-growing community advocating for better work and working lives within their organisations and with their clients.

During the year, it started a new mentoring programme for up-and-coming leaders in the people profession. It also held its first-ever open nominations process for Chartered Companions, giving members an opportunity to recognise members who’ve made an “outstanding contribution to the profession”.

Chartered Fellow, Annette Hill, said: “A CIPD member for 20 years, I’ve seen the benefits grow and grow and now membership is better than ever with online learning courses supporting the Profession Map.”

Chartered Fellow, Tim Scott, added: “Our professional body has really stepped up in this crisis  – loads of helpful resources provided quickly and also been really visible in the debate at a national level. Keep up the good work all.”

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