CIPD launches line managers support material

CIPD has launched new support materials for line managers to help gain knowledge and confidence to “effectively support” wellbeing and engagement of their teams.

CIPD research has shown that the role of managers is key to determining whether someone has a “good or a bad day” at work.

After completing a short CIPD quiz, which will reportedly allow a manager to reflect on their own personal management approaches, they will be given a “unique recommendations” report which aims to provide them with a series of simple steps to develop their approach.

The exercises and resources that make up these new support materials are based on five key behavioural areas: being open, fair and consistent; handling conflict and problems; providing knowledge, clarity and guidance; building and sustaining relationships and finally, supporting the development of staff.

CIPD said its resources can be used as part of a leadership or management development initiative, or on their own to help managers explore and develop their management capability.

The CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2020 found that only 25% of people professionals think managers within their organisations are “confident and competent” to spot the early warning signs associated with mental health.

The research showed the influence managers have on determining employee health, wellbeing and engagement. CIPD said its calling on professionals to ensure that the line managers within their organisations have the “tools, guidance and support channels” to effectively provide support to those they manage.



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