CIPD identifies future key trends for professionals

CIPD HR firm has identified key trends for the future of business operations in its latest report.

The report suggests that modern workplaces will require “agile, adaptable” business models, managers and employers to support a changing world through businesses’ response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The profession will also need to “harness” digitalisation and automation to improve “processes and generate” insights, for example using data and analytics for increased strategic impact.

Changing demographics and a clear focus on inclusion should be a “key element” of companies’ strategies going forward and will be “important drivers of change” and improvements on equality, inclusion and diversity, in their organisations.

Diversifying employment relationships will reportedly play a “crucial role” in supporting line managers to “fairly and effectively” manage teams with different work schedules and working arrangements.

CIPD has also reported an increased demand from employees, regulators, investors, customers and consumers for a more “values-based, purpose-driven” approach to business.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, said: “2020 has been a monumental year for the people profession and for many organisations it has highlighted the importance of the profession and function like never before.

“There are a number of urgent priorities for HR teams in the short-term, not least the many adaptations to working practices, wellbeing, skills and diversity and inclusion, but we must still be thinking beyond the current crisis.”

He added: “The key trends identified in this latest report help us to look towards longer-term priorities and think strategically about how people professionals can put themselves at the heart of business.

“This important work, co-created with people professionals around the world, helps us all to drive and shape the future of the profession over the next decade.”

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