CIPD call for ‘greater diversity in the boardroom’

A quarter of employers “make no effort” to attract and recruit more diverse candidates for top-level jobs, according to a new study. 

A study conducted by CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development and Omni, a data supply group, found that employers are not being “strategic enough” in hiring diverse candidates to fill senior roles. 

The study which polled 660 employers shows organisations had more success improving diversity on a broader level , with 41% recruiting a more diverse workforce in the last year, however, the report shows that less than 23% go beyond “basic legislative requirements” on protected characteristics with regards to their recruitment and selection processes. 

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In addition only 33% of employers ensure they have a diverse interview panel or hiring team when conducting interviews, it follows news made by risk strategy company Mercer, who has vowed to improve outcomes for BAME employees in the workplace. 

The firm also promised to ensure leaders and managers “take responsibility” for equality in the workplace and support BAME employees’ career progressions. 

Claire McCartney, senior resourcing and inclusion adviser at CIPD, said: “The findings of this report suggest that improvements in workforce diversity have happened by accident rather than design. We could be making quicker and considerable progress with a more strategic approach.  

“It’s particularly disappointing to find that a quarter of organisations are not doing anything to improve boardroom diversity. We need to have a broad range of diverse people in decision-making roles and be role models for future talent.”

She added: “Employers can’t expect to make meaningful change through a leave-it-and-see policy. Improving diversity needs to be actively worked on and we’d encourage all employers to add much more rigour, consistency and challenge into their recruitment and selection processes.” 

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