CIPD appoints two new board members

The CIPD’s Council has elected two new members to its board.

Dr Andrea Cooper, service director for adult social care at Cornwall Council, and Nicholas Williams, an established HR and OD&D consultant currently working at EY, have both joined the CIPD board.

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Cooper brings expertise in digital and human-centred design and a track record in leading award-winning innovation and transformation teams as the founder and head of the Cabinet Office’s Policy Innovation Unit before recently joining Cornwall Council.

Williams started his career in policing before successfully transitioning into the HR and OD field five years ago.

He has extensive experience working in central and local government departments on high profile people change and HR technology initiatives and is currently studying for a Level 5 CIPD qualification, bringing the voice of a current CIPD student member to the CIPD board for the first time.

Cooper said: “I’m a big believer in using change to create change and harnessing the opportunities presented by an increasingly digital world. CIPD members are making such significant changes in how we work and I’m looking forward to helping to create a more customer-focused, digitally enabled CIPD that meets members’ needs now and in the future.”

Williams added: “The people profession is critical to the future of business success and I’m proud to help senior professionals think about their operating models and future of work.

“I transitioned into HR through a non-traditional route and I’m keen to support others to do the same. It’s absolutely paramount to support current and aspiring HR practitioners and help them follow the new Profession Map.”

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