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Case for remote working ‘goes well beyond the pandemic’

The case for remote working “goes well beyond” its use during the covid-19 pandemic, according to research by the Entrepreneurs Network (TEN).

The association’s latest research paper said that remote work, or “telework,” is likely to become “far more common” in the future.

The Entrepreneurs Network combined several social science and economic studies to produce a report which stated that employees are actually “frequently more productive” after a switch to remote working.

In addition, the network claimed there were benefits to be considered for businesses. The report said that a remote working norm allows businesses to “hire from outside their local labour market,” increasing the potential to find “more productive workers”.

Moreover, because workers “value the flexibility” of remote work, businesses that are remote-capable can “attract more productive workers” (or equally productive ones for less cost), according to the study.

TEN also said that the “supposed benefits of clustering together” to help workers exchange ideas and enjoy “knowledge spillovers” have shrunk and “may even be gone” in many cases.

The network concluded: “While the prevalence of remote work (pre-Covid-19) was small, it was already rising rapidly with plenty of room for further growth.

“Remote work has positive externalities and should be promoted by policymakers.”

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