Average worker now experiences ‘burnout’ at 32, says TOG

UK workers are experiencing ‘burnout’ younger and more intensely as a result of new home-working practices, according to a study commissioned by The Office Group.

In the OnePoll survey conducted this month, 51% of UK workers said they had cried as a result of “burnout” and nearly a third had required time off work.

TOG warned of the importance of this research for employers. If left “untreated or supported”, this “burnout” led directly to 49% of workers choosing to leave their positions.

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The survey also found that lockdown had increased the intensity of “burnout.”

TOG reported that almost a third of workers said they had come closer to “burnout” during lockdown, as a result of a struggle to “separate work and home life” whilst home-working.

The study also found that 38% of workers had felt “always on” when home-working and 26% believed they did not spend “adequate” time away from screens.

Over half of workers surveyed said that they had worked more than their contracted hours.

TOG also looked at employer responsibility in mitigating this problem. The survey found that seven in ten workers reported receiving no offers of support to improve their wellbeing from employers.

Dr Sarah Vohra, consultant psychiatrist, said of the report: “Adopting a more flexible approach to working and feeling empowered to communicate how we feel openly and honestly is crucial both in and out of the workplace for optimal mental wellbeing.

“Working longer hours has been shown to increase symptoms of depression and anxiety and negatively impact sleep.”

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