Almost 90% of businesses to prioritise employee empowerment 

Global technology service company NTT Ltd has found that 86.6% of businesses believe employee needs will “be at the heart” of the future workplace design, according to a recent survey commissioned by the group.  

The research comes from its 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report ‘Shaping Employee Experiences for a World Transformed’ report, which argues that the pandemic has “put employee wellbeing at the forefront of the business agenda”. 

Almost four-fifths (79.3%) of organisations agreed that home-working during the pandemic has been “challenging” for employees. 

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According to NTT, connectivity and workspace issues, including bandwidth, a feeling of isolation and a lack of dedicated workspace have all contributed to employee concerns. 

It added that organisations have to “look at every aspect of workplace strategy to optimize employee experience”, which includes examining culture, technology and location.

The report, which surveyed 1,350 participants across 19 markets, also found that 75% of organisations agree employees would “prefer to have the choice and flexibility to work in an office when it is safe to do so”.

Some 88.9% agreed that face-to-face meeting time was “essential to build a sense of teamwork and/or when meeting clients”.

NTT argued that organisations must “develop a more robust strategy” to permanently provide for their distributed workforce, with only 38.3% of employees satisfied with their current capability, according to the survey.

In addition, the survey found that less than a third of all businesses (30.7%) have changed their IT policy to help employees work within a new operating model, while 43.3% have deployed new communication and productivity tools. 

It found that in many cases, employees have been “left to use their personal devices and applications which has rapidly increased the risk of security vulnerabilities”. 

Only 46.4% of businesses increased their IT security capabilities to keep their organization and employees “secure”, according to the survey.

Marilyn Chaplin, chief human resources officer, NTT Ltd. said: “The connected employee – their wellness and employee experience – must be at the heart of the future workplace strategy. 

“Helping people stay connected and keeping their data secure is key to looking after the workforce and maintaining productivity and effectiveness. Yet this must be underpinned by a long-term strategy for digital transformation, with the roll out of new technologies, policies and of course training so employees feel comfortable with new platforms.”

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